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Established in 1975, Westermo is a market leader today for Communication solutions in industrial harsh environments.

The Singapore office was established in 2007. Today, it has a big number of installations island-wide and has become a major player in the whole SEA region.

Westermo is a Swedish Company with its own production, product development and global sales and service organisations.

Westermo is part of the Beijer Electronics Group with more than 800 employees worldwide, 225 of whom are in Asia.

Years Of Industrial Data Communications Worldwide



Asia Project Orders For Data Communications From All Industries



Countries Where We've Powered Railways, Roads, Factories, And More

We supply the full range of industrial data communications solutions. Select from over 600 product models from our extensive product range:

Layer 2 switches
Layer 3 switches
PoE switches
Rack switches  


Layer 3 switches      
Wireless routers  
Broadband DSL routers       


Serial converters and repeaters 
Ethernet media converters
Fibre optic modems
Current loop converters
Protocol converters  


GSM / GRPS modems 
Wireless routers  


Fibre optic modems
ISDN modems
Leased line and PSTN modems
Multidrop modems
Short haul modems 

Power supplies
SFP transceivers
USB backup device
Cables and antennas 

A Beijer Electronics Group Company

Control Anything From Your Browser: Get Secure Remote Access To Your Machines Worldwide

Networking solution for both SMEs & MNCs 

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Tap into Internet Of Things without overhauling your existing infrastructure

No steep learning curve for new monitoring & management software

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Manage Your Machine Anytime, Anywhere  

  • Remotely access any device worldwide using a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Never be tied down by geographical locations or local providers
  • Carrier neutral & cloud-based: works with any service provider with internet connection

Solve Industrial Problems With WeConnect, Machine-To-Machine Networking Solution

Protect Your Data With Our Secure Encrypted Networks  

  • Easily create secure encrypted networks between remote locations
  • Each network is fully isolated from each other & enhanced with security features    
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewall friendly VPN using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Scale Up The Networking Solution As Your Business Grows  

  • Scalable on demand
  • Start off with a few locations to test the effectiveness
  • Expand your network progressively as your business grow

Easily Set Up WeConnect In 6 Steps  

  • Get integrated support with Westermo's routers & switches
  • Tap into robust industrial network solutions & data communications equipment by industry leading supplier

How Our Networking Solution Is Implemented Across Industries

Manufacturing Industry

Building Facilities Management

Maritime Industry

About Westermo

Boost Productivity With More Efficient Bunkering Operation

Cut Costly Site Visits & Minimise Downtime

Simplify & Centralise Monitoring Of Numerous Buildings

Equipment Monitoring

Remotely Monitor Various Equipment Through Secure Web Portal